Sugar Free Pecan Pattie

Sugar Free Pecan Pattie
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Oriental Delight Mix
Ingredients:  oriental rice crackers (glutinous rice, soybean sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), sugar, starch (rice or potato), seaweed, sesame seed, chili and artificial color (yellow 5, yellow 6), peanuts, wasabi peas (green peas, corn starch, palm oil, sugar, salt, wasabi (mustard powder), artificial color (yellow 5, blue 11), almonds, chili bits (rice, soy sauce, water, soybeans, wheat, sea salt).  Contains 2% or less of the following:  sugar, corn starch, modified tapioca starch, chili, salt, dextrin, caramel color, cooking wine (rice, water, alcohol, glucose), red pepper extract, palm oil and yellow 5 and yellow 6 color), korny kernels (sweet corn, partially hydrogenated soybean oil and salt), cashews, vegetable oil (peanut, cotton seed, soybean and/or sunflower seed), salt.

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Oriental Delight Mix 

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