Sugar Free Pecan Pattie

Sugar Free Pecan Pattie
Item: 892
Take a look at what our customers have to say about the Nifty Nut House!

Rose D. from Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania
"The employees were fun and helpful.  I have never been in such a big candy store before.  Thank you!"

Annie R. from Wichita, Kansas
"Awesome customer service!  Girls were very friendly and helpful."

Eric from Topeka,
"Great place - thanks for the samples.  Stay nuts!"

Darlene H. from Wichita,
"I love you - expand!  You are more important than a grocery store."

Lori Z from Buhler,
"Everybody and their kids need to come here!"

Alyce M. from Wichita,
"I've come to the Nifty Nut House for 30 years - the best quality, great prices, exceptional people.  Thanks!"

Angalee E. from Arkansas City,
"A wonderful experience.  We will be back."

Abbey H. from Wichita,
"So friendly and nice!!  They let you sample - amazing food!!"

Sue D. from Wichita,
"Love you guys!"

Naomi M. from Wichita,
"Been shopping here for years and service has gotten better and better."

Meg M. from Wichita,
"I've shopped here since 1981 and never had anything but a good experience - always friendly, fun, efficient and personable.  They're always interested in how you'll use their product (if you want to share)!"

Lynn H. from Wichita,
"Such pleasant workers - such great service."

Jeanne H. from Potwin,
"Everything looks wonderful!"

Linh V. from Wichita,
"First time here; love this place!  Keep up the good work. :)"

Harold K. from Wichita,
"I like to make my own mixture of nuts - I've read the healthiest nuts are almonds, pecans, and english walnuts.  Your courteous employees always help me in putting my healthy mixture together."

Dauntra M. from Wichita,
"This place tops Candyopolis any day. :)"

Gene F. from Belle Plaine,
"I am always treated like I am a special customer!"

Diana K. from Gypsum, Colorado
"Wonderful selection and exceptional staff.  Must be a great place to work.  Everyone is helpful and friendly!"

Jeanne H. from Conway Springs, Kansas
"Very helpful and courteous."

Shirley C. from Wichita, Kansas
"The employees were very helpful and knew their products well.  Lots of great choices here.  Thank you."

Kristi K. from Wichita, Kansas
"Everyone is always friendly and helpful.  Prices are very reasonable."

Ruth C. from Wichita, Kansas
"I have purchased nuts and candy from Nifty Nut House for many years.  Their products are the best in the United States."

Shonna C. from Altus, Oklahoma
"Very helpful and great selection."

Colleen B. from Dallas, Texas
"Service is always great.  I come here every time I'm in Wichita!!!"

Chrissie and Artt G. from England
"What a wonderful experience.  We are on holiday and this has been an awesome visit!  Thank you."

Nancy P. from Wichita, Kansas
"Wonderful people, always helpful.  Like the eye contact and how everyone always asks to help."

J.L. Fox from Wichita, Kansas
"Staff is absolutely the friendliest anywhere!  I actually look forward to coming.  Nifty Nut House is a Wichita treasure."

Carol H. from Goddard, Kansas
"What's better than a great candy store???  Nothing!  Been coming in for years and it's always fun!!"

Mike W. from Amarillo, Texas
"Superior service, very customer oriented!"

Richard S. from Newton, Kansas
"This is a cool store!"

Michelle B. from Douglas, Arizona
"We now live in Arizona and our first destination when returning to Wichita is the Nifty Nut House - every where else is second."

Angelika D. from Newton, Kansas
"Love this place!"

Allen B. from Bel Aire, Kansas
"Great people, great nuts, great bargains!"

Linda J. from Edwardsville, Illinois
"We can't come back to Wichita without making a 'Nifty Nut Run'!!"

Debra M. from Belle Plaine, Kansas
"Great sugar free selection!"

Jeff E. from Leon, Kansas
"Very helpful, nice employees.  The best!"

Perry W. from Valley Center, Kansas
"The value is as good as you will find in Wichita - the service is even better.  A++!!"

Sharon G. from Coffeyville, Kansas
"I love the Nifty Nut House!"

Donna K. from Wichita, Kansas
"Still the best!"

Cindi V. from Haysville, Kansas
"Best candy store ever!"

Jane B. from Independence, Missouri
"First time visit - wow!"

Erin S. from Wichita, Kansas
"Fabulous selection, wonderful service - I will be back.  Thank you!"

Marty M. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"I love the Nifty Nut House!"

JoAnn B. from Wichita, Kansas
"I wanted to put a 'mixture' together and the employees really helped and let me sample three different items."

Eugenia F. from Cheswee, South Carolina
"Great service, friendly service!"

Eva & Arky R. from Arkansas City, Kansas
"Employees are willing and friendly."

Pat H. from Wichita, Kansas
"What a GREAT Wichita 'Institution'.  The finest quality and always so fresh!"

Norma P. from Newkirk, Oklahoma
"Love your store!  You give us such a nice selection and variety when trying to please 14 grand-children (Christmas stocking stuffers!)."

Joshua & Rachelle S. from Maize, Kansas
"Awesome store! Will be coming back."